erin gerow works on paper


Painter, ceramic sculptor, color theorist

Art equals a whole new vocabulary to speak with

Graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, BFA, SAC

Acrylics on paper

Non traditional prints

Traditional printing tools used in a painterly way

Prints as paintbrush


Unexpected spatial relationships

Quiet at first glance and louder as you get closer





Time and emotion

Different time and place captured in layers

Viewer to bring own stories, baggage or conclusion

Compilation of all faces and people in my life

Love the tactile nature and texture of paper

Paper already has a story behind it with its imperfections and personal characteristics

Each piece is a cropping of a larger story

One frame of a film strip

Feeling of a beginning not seen and an end far in the future

One of many

Framed or hung in multiples to emphasize running story

Balance of color, space and emotion

I like the time elapse from drawing, to cutting blocks, to the painting

A progression of time shown through the color stories

Different emotional states from beginning to end