erin gerow works on paper
monday, april 07, 2008
Star Bar in Jersey city

April 20th showing at Star Bar

34 Wayne St. Jersey City, NJ


through May 31st


09/12/2009 - Erin Gerow

Erin, I searched my name and found your portfolios. I am amazed at how inspired your red tone pieces are. I myself am surounded by that color and have always said it makes me feel safe. I am a high school teacher for exceptional children and enjoy the days that we partake in art therapy. My students are especially taken with pastels lately and I am going try to introduce the idea of combining this with another medium. I have told several of my friends I am interested in buying one of your pieces as I would be proud to display our name on the wall. This is the name I have had for my entire life and I am just starting into my 30's and it has served me well so far. Best Regards

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